What’s Joe listening to?

I’ve been remiss in not updating this recently. It’s not that I’ve quit finding, listening to and even buying music I’ve just been lazy about sharing. By far the best source of incredible music for free or ridiculously cheap (pay what you want) is Bandcamp.com. That’s where I get the bulk of my new music these days. But I’ve also become aware of Jamendo which offers everything free for “non-professional” use. In other words if you put it on your web page or play it in your podcast you have to pay, but just to listen to it and enjoy it is free.

First up SEVEN7THWAVE, one of my favorite local (Boulder) outfits, has a new album out on – you guessed it –  Bandcamp.com. This album has some nice rock grooves as well as the usual electronica. Definitely need to check it out and show the love.

SEVEN7HWAVE – Smoke Without Fire

The most recent stuff I’ve acquired came to my attention via the Sound Sunday feature in MakeUseOf. Which, incidentally, I track on the best feed reader ever – Newsblur. Newsblur is way more than just a Google Reader replacement. If you aren’t using it you are missing out.

David Oakes – The Juggernaut

Anxious Mind – Shades

Coma Cloud – Coma Cloud EP

Dusk Warrior – Overdrive Sunrise

Luiz Esteves – Sonhos Brasileiros

Devastator – Redemption

Rob Costlow – Woods of Chaos  (Free for non-professional use)

Roger Stéphane – Symphoniquement votre (Free for non-professional use)

noblemo – Bella (Free)

2 thoughts on “What’s Joe listening to?

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