Moving on

“à tout le monde, à tous mes amis, je vous aime, je dois partir”
“To everyone, to all my friends, I love you, I must leave”
“A Tout Le Monde” by Dave Mustaine (Megadeth)

Although I’ve always kept my employer anonymous in this blog, a fair number have guessed that in real life I work for none other than Alan Shimel at StillSecure where I’ve been primarily developing the Safe Access NAC product. Until now. Next week I’m starting at a new position with another company. A large enterprise imaging company who will remain anonymous so as not to be compromised by my rants and ramblings here. Don’t worry, Security For All will continue. I’ll just have different security issues to rant about.

But before I leave StillSecure I like to acknowledge, and share what a great experience it’s been to work here. Without a doubt the most brilliant engineers and scientists I have ever encountered, were encountered at StillSecure. It has been a humbling and often intimidating experience for me. Yeah, I know I just used “humbling” and “me” in the same sentence. But it’s true. It’s also been the wildest ride in terms of hard core learning and experience that I’ve ever been on. Like drinking from a fire hose. Every single day. With the result that when I  accurately represent my StillSecure work experience on a resume folks assume it’s padded. And I’m not alone. In truth I’m pretty average for talent at StillSecure. To be clear, this move is definitely not due to any problems betwixt myself and StillSecure. On the contrary, working here has opened up new career opportunities for me. One of which was just to good not to take.

So to set the record straight and in homage to one of my favorite TV shows, Mythbusters, I’d like to address some myths and rumors about StillSecure. So without further ado…

Myth: StillSecure is not doing well.

If by “not doing well” you mean growing the business  in terms of both revenue and product offerings while keeping costs low and winning prestigious industry awards all during the worst economy since the great depression, then I guess you’re right. Seriously though, StillSecure is not only surviving but thriving. And congrats to CEO Rajat Bhargava who is a finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2009 Award for the Rocky Mountain Region.


Myth: StillSecure is a tiny code monkey sweatshop with Dilbert-esque cubicals in a dark warehouse.

Actually there are no cubicals at StillSecure, rather a “bullpen” arrangement that facilitates agile development. The execs and admins use the same arrangement. Right now I’m sitting at my desk, looking out the window (actually a whole wall of windows) onto the front range of the Colorado Rockies. The StillSecure offices are in Superior, Colorado located approximately half way between Denver and Boulder on highway 36. On the upper floor above “Old Chicago” [restaurant], “Super Joe” [coffee shop] and “Superior Liquor” [booze]. That just about covers all the major food groups. I’m trying hard to imagine a more beautiful place to work. Sorry I can’t.


Myth: McAfee/Symantec/SomeOtherBigSecurityCompany is waiting for StillSecure to tank so they can get the technology at fire sale prices.

If this is true, then like Rudyard Kipling’s Elephant’s child who was waiting for his nose to shrink back to normal after being stretched into a trunk by the Crocodile on the banks of the great grey-green, greasy Limpopo river, they will have to wait a long time. Also they might want to let the senior sales guy, who just had his best quarter ever in Q1, and looks to beat that in Q2 in on the secret. Or they might want to watch their backs.


Myth: Alan Shimel is now kinder, gentler and less profane than the notorious Alan “I hafta call BS on that” Shimel of the past.

Okay you got me. This really is a myth. In real life he’s, well, Alan. Don’t try to BS him. But he is is kind to many if not most children, dogs and salesmen.


So there you have it. I’ll end by thanking Alan Shimel and Mitchell Ashley (no longer at StillSecure but still Alan’s co-host of the StillSecure, After All These Years podcast) for hiring me at StillSecure and encouraging me to blog. And all of my colleagues at StillSecure. This experience has been truly outstanding.

So long and thanks for all the fish.