Gift of holiday music for all – present 3

As my holiday gift to you, loyal readers, instead of security related commentary, this series of posts contains holiday music for you to enjoy. For free. For you and whoever you would like to share it with.

The earlier posts in this series present 1: Impressions of Christmas 2001 and present 2: Christmas Child 2002 were original arrangements of traditional Christmas carols or new compositions performed, recorded and produced by Larry Hall and me. This present is a bit different. It this years collection of holiday music performed by musicians utilizing the Garritan sample libraries.

Composers and arrangers use Garritan Libraries to realize their compositions and to simulate what a real orchestra and a real conductor would sound like. While the state-of-the-art of digital music continues to advance, our goal is to provide tools for musicians and create opportunities, rather than replace musicians. What products like the Garritan Personal Orchestra have done is to bring the possibility of realizing orchestral compositions to everybody from the most renowned composers to Hollywood film scorers to TV jingle men down to amateurs and music students in their dormitory rooms.

The work done in the recordings on this album are a testament not only to the sophistication of music technology, but also to the skill of the composers, arrangers and programmers who have used these tools so remarkably well. Finally, let’s not forget the powerful force of the sentiments of the season and the inspiration behind the music. Each year we come back to these melodies and forms because they inspire us like no other.

Many thanks to everyone who submitted a song for the Christmas CD. A big thanks as well to Dan Kury who organized this effort and mastered the songs for the album.  And many thanks to James Mireau for the cover art.

The Garritan Community Christmas 2009 CD was a collaborative effort of the Garritan Community and was put together in the spirit of giving for the holiday.

This is the sixth year that the Garritan Community has released an annual collection of free Christmas music. While this is not an endorsement of the Garritan products [they don't compensate me in any way for this], it’s hard not to be completely blown away by the quality of Garritan sound libraries and the talent of the musicians who use them in this project.

A Garritan Community Christmas Volume 6

A Garritan Community Christmas Volume 6

Welcome to the 6th Annual Garritan Community Christmas Album, a unique musical project. A community of musicians from all over the world met on the Garritan community forum and agreed to submit their own recordings of holiday music, to be freely distributed. Each of these orchestral recordings were made not with large live orchestras in vast recording studios at huge expense, but rather were created by a single person working on their own desktop or laptop computer. What they have in common is the use of Garritan libraries representing software musical instruments based on samples of real instruments.

Happy Holidays from Security For All!
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